Posted by: Elite Restoration LLC on September 23, 2022

Fast Structural Drying in Canyonville, OR At your property in 60 minutes or less!

 Fast Structural Drying in Canyonville, OR

We provide fast structural drying services in Canyonville, OR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As with all insurance related questions, the answer is that it depends on your coverage. Usually, though, the answer is yes. While there are some types of water damages that aren't covered by standard policies or reasons your policy might not cover the damage, if the water damage is covered by your policy the drying process will also be covered.

That depends on the types of materials that were affected by water. Drywall, carpet, and hardwood floors will take longer to dry than other materials in the space. We use moisture meters throughout the process and in many different locations to gauge the moisture levels and will continue to adjust our fans and dehumidifiers to achieve an efficient but effective dry time. The bare minimum of "three days to dry" may only produce a surface dry, but can still leave behind moisture levels that create an ideal environment for mold to grow.

There are multiple aspects of the drying process that are used in combination to efficiently and effectively dry a property. Water extraction is the physical removal of excess water which can look like pumping out standing water or extracting water from a carpet. Air movement is integral to the drying process. Without proper air circulation water will not evaporate and will continue to saturate the surfaces where it sits. Not only does this slow the drying process and cause more damage to the excess materials, it can create the potential for mold and other microbial growth. Finally, dehumidification is one of the most important parts of the drying process. Dehumidifiers are used to collect excess water vapor by pulling it from the air. This helps pull water out of porous surfaces and other trapped spaces.

Structural drying is the removal of excess moisture from building materials. The term structural in this case can be somewhat confusing for the uninitiated because it doesn't necessarily always mean materials that are part off the building structure, but to the parts of the building that are necessary to dry without the need for extensive demolition.

There are many kinds of equipment that are important to complete drying of a water damage. At Elite Restoration, our knowledgeable staff utilizes the best equipment available to ensure your home is completely taken care of.

Air Movers

Air movers, more commonly recognized as fans, come in different shapes and sizes. Each job is unique and will require different numbers and sizes of air movers. Our professionals have the knowledge to create the appropriate combination of fans and other equipment to effectively dry your home.


Dehumidifiers are integral to the drying process. hey pull excess water from the air and from building materials to ensure complete drying. Like fans, there are many different sizes and styles of dehumidifiers that can be used in combination to create the best solution possible for each job's specific needs.


Without meters, restoration professionals cannot determine the extent of the damage nor track the progress of drying. There are varying types of moisture meters, but all of them serve the same function: determine the amount of moisture in the materials that were affected by the water.