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Sewage backups and overflows aren't just damaging to the structure of your property, they can be dangerous to your health as well. Backups are often due to blockages caused by things like soil settlement, root infiltration, pipe collapses, and grease buildup. Sewage also often enters the home due to breakdowns in neighborhood sewer systems and water runoff from storms. No matter the source, our expert team is ready to help with professional tools and techniques to remove the hazards and water from your home and help you get back to normal. Don't forget, just because the water looks clean doesn't mean it doesn't contain harmful contaminants. Contact us any time, day or night, for all of your sewage cleanup needs in Roseburg, OR and the Greater Eugene, OR area.

Sewage Should Always Be Removed By a Professional

Our extraction methods, safety protocols, and disinfecting techniques make ease if a bad situation like a sewer backup in your home and/or crawlspace occurs. Any backup from your drain is considered hazardous as they contain many different pathogens. Depending on the home's construction materials, it can define how invasive we have to get to insure proper mitigation and disinfection.

Bio-Enzymes and Antimicrobials are used to treat affected areas following any demolition and heavy cleaning that was required based on the job. Our goal is to prevent further damage and ensure there are no health hazards left behind.

Sewage Cleanup and Extraction in Roseburg, OR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sewage damage is a water loss caused by category 3 water which is defined as water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents. Sewage damage can come from many difference sources including:

  • Toilet Seepage
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Pipe and Sewer Main Blockages
  • Sewer Overflows

Yes, damage from sewage can be dangerous. Sewage water is grossly contaminated water that poses serious risks to human health. Sewage can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses. These pathogens and parasites can cause serious infections and diseases that can be life threatening. Because of this, it's important to always have sewage damage professionally mitigated. Improperly cleaned and dried sewage is a risk not worth taking.

Call for help – immediately. Time is of the essence with any water damage, but particularly with sewage. The longer the sewage sits, the more damage it causes and the greater risk to the health of the inhabitants of the home. Call the IICRC certified professionals at Elite Restoration 24/7 to get started immediately. Also be sure to call your insurance company to go over your policy and to start the process of filing a claim.

The answer to this is twofold – some things will be salvageable and some will not. Many items will be considered unsalvageable, but our team is trained and certified to identify what can be saved and what can't. Many porous materials are extremely difficult to sanitize and attempts to sanitize should only be performed by IICRC professionals. Most non-porous materials are easily sanitized and can be saved. IICRC standards say that saturated materials that cannot be washed in water at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit for at least ten minutes must be removed and properly disposed of. This includes things like:

  • Carpet and Carpet Padding
  • Bedding and Linens
  • Fabric and Clothing
  • Drywall and Insulation
  • Upholstery

This is a question that can only be answered by your insurance company. Your policy will determine your coverage and you will have to consult with your agent and/or adjuster to find out what your coverage is. Fortunately, at Elite Restoration, we work with all major carriers and can work directly with your insurance company to clean your home in the most expedient way possible.

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