"The Weatherization Experts!"


Restoration & Construction

Our experience building new construction meshed with our knowledge in remodels is what set's us apart from other companies. We have built a reputation of being the "dry rot specialist" and our customer testimonials speak volumes of it.


Your homes building envelope is the most important aspect to defend your structure from the harsh outside elements. Our education in energy auditing and home energy efficiency is how we provide a superior service to our clients and keep the home sealed and un-compromised.


100% of Elite Restoration's field staff is Lead Certified through the EPA and the Oregon CCB to contain and prevent contamination of lead-based paints and airborne lead dust particles. It is Oregon law that all contractors are Lead Certified through the CCB in coordination with the EPA's Renovation Repair & Painting rule (RRP) to work on ANY home built prior to January 1st, 1978.


"Elite Restoration did a great job building 2 upstairs decks for us on our rural home.  They were especially good at communication, problem solving, and creative solutions for our older structures ... whether dealing with unexpected dry rot repairs, unique construction methods, or our unorthodox farm schedule.  Looking forward to using Will, Tyler, Sean and the rest of the Elite crew for future projects." - Kat G. (Yelp review)



Home energy efficiency, also know as weatherizing has more benefits than most people know. It can decrease monthly energy bills dramatically, create better indoor quality, and add equity to your home.

How do you test my home to make it more efficient?

We utilize a state-of-the-art blower door system which depressurizes the home and helps us track down exactly where the leaks are specifically in location.  They are not where you usually think they are. Many leaks are present in the crawlspace and the attic (HVAC system included). These are the main focus areas in a weatherization job.


Will replacing windows lower my energy bills & make my home more comfortable?

It depends. Windows themselves have such a low R-value (resistance value), that investment to return in a weatherization aspect alone isn't great. However, going from a single-pane aluminum framed window to a newer double-pane vinyl window will have much better effects to your homes cash value. In any weatherization job, air sealing is much more effective than changing out a window. With that being said, there are specific cases where changing out windows is imperative to reducing energy costs, mostly in mobile homes.

"Totally recommend Elite Restoration. They did quality work in a timely fashion, helped us meet some deadlines for remodeling, and were polite and professional throughout. Best of all, they were excellent communicators - I always knew timelines, what they had done, and what they were doing next." - John M. (Facebook review)



While insulation ties directly into weatherization, it's many different applications are what separates us from other contractors. We utilize a Krendl 475 which gives us the power to dense pack walls and blow mobile home floors.

What is dense packing?

Dense packing is defined as blowing cellulose insulation into a wall cavity at 3.0lbs/ft3. This achieves not only a high R-value but also a superior air barrier.  Dense packing is most commonly used when wall insulation is non-existent. 

Can you add insulation to my mobile homes inaccessible attic space?

There are few different methods of achieving this, the most common is in part with re-roofing the mobile home after blowing insulation into the attic cavity.

Not having enough insulation is one of the leading culprits for higher energy bills. Paired with air sealing, the results are priceless.

"This company is fantastic! I've worked with 2 other restoration companies in the past, there is no comparison!  Very professional and very good work. They show up when they say they will. They get the job done quickly. Very honest." - Debie A. (Yelp Review)


Doors & Windows

Why pay contractor markups? Elite Restoration purchases our door and window products directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to have a more affordable rate for our products which are higher quality and better priced than at a box store. We work directly with local Oregon manufacturers and also offer a lineup of other name brand products as well.

Proper window installation will add value to your home and to your monthly budget.

"We totally recommend Elite Restoration! They recently built our new shop and we were impressed with the workmanship. They kept an exceptionally clean worksite and we couldn't be happier with the finished product!" - Karen H. (Facebook review)


Small Commercial

As a residential contractor with a vast knowledge in commercial structures, we like to offer our expertise to local companies. Whether it's retrofitting old applications to meet ADA compliance, new construction or add-on's, Elite Restoration can handle the job from start to finish. This gives you a stress-free experience with more time running your business and less time dealing with a contractor who doesn't know what they're doing. 

We have been involved with a number of small commercial projects from the local school district, small businesses, government agencies, and industrial shops.

"These are the people that you want to work on your place. They are very responsive and keep you in the loop as when to expect work commencement. Very satisfied." - Gregory M. (Yelp review)